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The Well-being Alchemist Apothecary

Crystal Reading Cards

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Crystal Reading Cards; this is a 56 card deck and includes a guidebook.

A 56 Card Deck, and 158 Page Guidebook.  The dimension of the cards is approximately 9.5cm x 14cm (3.6 x 5.5")

This unique set contains 56 cards, all with exquisite photos of many of the world's most powerful crystals, which can be used as tools for personal transformation and healing. You can choose to use the cards and book together to gain energy from the crystals, or you can choose to seek guidance and direction from the cards. 

Why we love these.......the simplicity and beauty of these cards drew us in and provides the opportunity to work with crystals that you do not physically own as the energy of each crystal shines through each card.  Easy to select a single card to meditate on.